Our Courses

Our CPC courses are designed to provoke discussion within the group.

Build on our existing subject & procedural knowledge, experience and professionalism.

We trust that drivers will leave the course saying, I’ve learnt something today.

Companies can arrange exclusive course dates for their own employees, or arrange for them to join our open to all courses.

  1. Driver Hours Legal Compliance (Driver Hrs & WTD)
  2. The Tachograph Use & Legal Compliance
  3. Health & Safety in Transport
  4. Load & Vehicle Security
  5. Vehicle Familiarisation & Walk Round ChecksWavy arrow
  6. Highway Code & Fixed Penalties
  7. Wellbeing & Personal fitness to work
  8. Fuel Efficient Driving With Vehicle Sympathy
  9. Manual Handling Guidance & Accident Procedures
  10. Safe Urban Driving & Vulnerable Road User Course*

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Open to all courses In Mansfield & Ashfield Area.

Or you can arrange course dates and subjects to suit your business needs

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Standard Course Costs Only £60.00 Per Person Per Day

Businesses, can arrange dedicated courses for their own driver Team

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We are happy to arrange full five day courses at business premises, or at one of our Venues.  Contact us for further details.

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Standard Driver CPC Courses 1 to 9, £60.00 per person per day with no hidden extras

*Safe Urban Driving & Vulnerable Road User Course 10, £110.00  Price premium covers qualified cycle trainer and cycle equipment supply, to comply with course requirements.  Course arranged on request, with a minimum number required for this course

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