Speed limits changed for commercial vehicles

From April 6th 2015 the speed limits changed for commercial vehicles. The speed limit from 40 MPH to 50 MPH unless signs indicate a lower speed limit. The speed limit on dual carriageways has now increased from 50MPH to 60MPH unless signs indicate a lower speed limit. Remember that the vehicle limiter setting should not be overrun, as this is an offence in its own right. *Speed limits in Scotland remain unchanged, so don't be caught out north of the border! Remember: Although the speed limit has been raised, you...
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Personal information

We are required to use some personal details to register attendance of CPC courses, and to check that people are legally entitled to drive certain vehicle types before assessments etc. All personal information is held by ALT (Ashfield Logistics Training) securely, and is not passed on to any other organisations, except DVSA this is required to register your CPC attendance. Drivers attending CPC courses, are required to have proof of their identity, when attending any CPC course. This is in the format of their driving licence,...
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ALT (Ashfield Logistics Training)

At ALT (Ashfield Logistics Training), we like to think that we deliver a quality training package to all our customers old and new. We offer our own quality courses, or we can work with you, to develop a bespoke training package. Meeting your specific needs. This is a highly skilled industry, with very diverse skills required, to carry out the many roles within the Logistics industry. Drivers are required to have a range of skills, not just able to drive safely, but a good all...
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